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When should I use 口 ?

I know 口 is a month, does it have any other meaning ? and how should I use it ?

Thanks ~ ^_^

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    mouth, opening, entrance, door,
    There are literally hundreds of words derived from this character. Here are a few from my pop-up dictionary.

    入口【rùkǒu】 enter the mouth; entrance.
    出口【chūkǒu】 speak; utter; exit; export.

    口【kǒu】 mouth; opening; entrance; mouth; a gateway of the Great Wall (often
    used in place names); cut; hole; the edge of a knife; the edge of a draft
    animal; .
    口碑【kǒubēi】 public praise.
    口才【kǒucái】 eloquence.
    口臭【kǒuchòu】 halitosis; bad breath.
    口袋【kǒudài】 pocket, sack.
    口红【kǒuhóng】 lipstick.
    口信【kǒuxìn】 oral message.
    住口【zhùkǒu】 shut up; stop talking.
    口语【kǒuyǔ】 spoken language.

    it can be a part of other words
    the counter for family meters
    example 我 家 有 六 口 人。

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