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Is 一月, 二月, 三月, et cetera the actual words for Chinese months of the year?

When I type in these characters I get the equivalent month for the English calendar. Meaning for 四月 I will get the translation for April, 五月 for May and so on. Do these characters only represent English months of the year or is it standard for Chinese people to speak about months using numbers?

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    We use the numbers from 1 to 12+月(yuè).
    BTW: In China, we also have the lunar calendar农历(nóng lì). We usually use 正月and 腊月.
    正月(zhēng yuè)--the first month of the lunar year
    腊月(là yuè)---the twelfth lunar month


    yes, it is very standard to speak using the numbers from 1 to 12.
    such as: 一月, 二月,三月,四月,五月......十二月

    我们只用 一月 到 十二月 来表达。

    It is how we Chinese name our months, number + 月。 Sometime we also say number + 月份。You see, Chinese is easy meh! :)

    sometimes you can see them as 月份
    周一,周二, etc are real days of the week, Monday, Tuesday etc

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