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The expression itself is mostly used by people in higher social position to people in lower social position or among friends. Wedon't use expressions to a person senior to you.

I am wondering which expression can be used in case a lower social positon suggest a higher one. For ex, I would like to suggest my boss eat out. How can I say in Korean?

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    Your boss, if you worked for a company, and the boss were the owner of the company, can be call him '사장님', so, you can say, 사장님, 식사하러 가시겠습니까? 사장님, 같이 식사하러 가시죠?. Questions can be used to suggest something. Try some sentences, then I and someone can help you correct if there are any mistakes.

    If you were talking to your boss you would use "~ㄹ 래요" You would want to talk to your boss as politely as possible.

    같이 먹을 래요? - Would you like to eat together? / Shall we eat together?
    같이 갈 래요? - Would you like to go together? / Shall we go together?

    You could also say.

    같이 먹고 싶어요? - Do you want to eat together?
    같이 가고 싶어요? - Do you want to go together?
    ^ Is also polite.

    Since (으)ㅂ 시다 - casual (by older people)
    and ~자 - casual (by younger people)

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