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Hay una diferencia entre "de acuerdo con" y "de acuerdo a"?

Hay una diferencia?

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    Nowadays both forms are considered to be correct, though, "de acuerdo a" is not completely natural in Spanish since it seems to be taken from the English "according to" (mistakes made by translators in former times, became of common use after a while). Even though you can use both, there is one restriction for the "a" form.

    You can say:

    Haremos las cosas de acuerdo a la ley.
    Haremos las cosas de acuerdo con la ley.

    Since "law" is a thing.

    If we say:

    Estoy de acuerdo con Cristóbal,

    You CANNOT say:

    Estoy de acuerdo a Cristóbal.

    Beacause Cristóbal is a person.

    I hope this helps.


    de acuerdo con = in agreement/accordance with

    de acuerdo a = (según) according to

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