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Here are two examples:

-I can listen this song night and day,
-Me either.

-I can't tell him that,
-Me neither.

As I understand, we use either with positive and neither with negative form of sentence, is that right?

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    Either is positive and neither is negative.

    "Me either" works best at the end of a longer sentence. Here are some examples:

    Person 1: "I do not like to eat raw fish." (negative)
    Person 2: "Me neither" (stays negative. "Me either" does not work here)
    Person 3: "I do not like to eat raw fish either (use "either" because the sentence already has a negative "not" and does not need another negative)

    Person 1: "I do not like to eat raw fish" (negative)
    Person 2: "Raw fish does not appeal to me either" (negative)

    "me either" doesn't mean anything. It should be "me too".

    The second example is ok.

    Either is used as in suggesting two options: either you or me, this or that ...

    I donot think so.'either' also use in negative sentences, usually it is used in negative answer,while it means 'or(between two)' in positive zentences.Besides 'neither' means 'none(between three or more)'.I hoped what i said could help you.

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