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『童神』 の意味は何ですか。

It's a song by Natsukawa Rimi. I want to know the meaning of 『童神』.
Also, please look at the lyrics of this song here:

I want to know what do these phrases/sentences mean also:
=> イラヨーヘイ イラヨーホイ
=> ゆういりよーや ヘイヨー ヘイヨー

ありがとう (^_^)

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    I' ve looked it up on the Internet.

    イラヨーヘイ イラヨーホイ  ヘイヨー ヘイヨー
    …囃子言葉 Hayashikotoba (a meaningless refrain used to maintain the rhythm of a song.
    It might have had meanig in old ages, but now it's unknown.)

    …芯のある強い子になれ (Grow up into steady person)

    This song is in Okinawa dialect, which is difficult to make it out even for many japanese.
    I didn't know this song but it's so good! Thank you for telling.

    Here's the answer童神(わらびがみ)/

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