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What should I do at the beginning of learning German? Please give me some advice~Thanks!

I just start learning German and have no idea for how to learn it. Please give me some advice~~ Thanks :)

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    I would start with the gender and plural of the german words and the basic structure of the german sentence. After that I'd take on regular verbs and their conjugation for each person.

    I think you should not start learning grammar rules in the beginning. Learn a lots of sentences which you use in daily use with correct pronunciation. Do not start writing and building sentences because it will confuse you. Listen to audio and watch videos even if you do not understand. If you hear a new word check its meaning in the dictionary or ask your language partner.


    I don't really understand this question since there are manny manny manuals on the net which are completely for free. If you use them you don't have to bother with what you should start because you just stick to the manuals structure and you make shure that you learn in an organised way without missing anything. And in the same time you work on your pronunciation by skyping with language partners.

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