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What does "a snide look" look like?

(A snide look on a person’s face OR she gave me a snide look...)

I know what "a snide remark" exactly means, but i don't have a clear picture in my mind of what "a snide look" looks like. Sneering? Malicious? Condencending? Or something else?

I've just googled "snide look" but millions of photos with different facial expressions popped up, I can't tell which one is pretty much exactly what it is like.

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    A snide look is one of contempt and ridicule.
    Imagine if somebody wanted to make you feel small and insignificant.
    One thing - 'snide', as a slang term for counterfeit, is a British slang term. It is not used that way in American English.
    Here is a picture of a snide look:


    A snide look is a "nasty" kind of sideways glance at someone. Snide has many different meanings in English and it has a use in slang where a product may be described as other is a fake, copy or counterfeit item, for example: "I bought a snide Rolex watch when I was in Asia on holiday!". If someone gives you a snide look then it is a negative look and could be described as a "sneer". Snide can also mean sly or cheeky. A "snide comment" is usually a malicious comment made towards someone whom the commentator dislikes. I hope this helps!?

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