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A common expression in english is "to look forward to (something)". For example:

- "I look forward to hearing how your job interview goes!", or
- Mercedes wasn't looking forward to her flight.

My question is, what is the best equivalent in Spanish? I've often heard the expression 'tener ganas de (verb)', but I also heard that this is more appropriate for spontaneous impulses, for example,

-"tengo ganas de comer un helado."

And, although translations are rarely exact, it would be very strange in english to tell someone that "I have desires to see you next week!" (i.e. "tengo ganas de verte la semana que viene").

The other expression that you see often is 'tener ansias', although I suspect this is maybe the same as above, as ansias translates to 'cravings'.

Thank you!

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    Althought I'm not very sure I would say that another way to translate "to look forward to.." it's "Esperar que" "Desear que".

    Exactaly "Esperar que" means "To wait for" So...
    - "I look forward to hearing how your job interview goes!" It could be translated as "Espero escuchar noticias de como te ha ido la entrevista" "Estaré esperando para saber que tal te fue la entrevista".

    - "I look forward to see you next week" ---> Espero verte la semana que viene.
    In this case "Espero verte" means "I hope to see you/I would like to see you". In this case "Espero" can be changed by "Deseo" that has the same meaning but with a stronger feeling.


    Well, the closest translation would be "anhelo"... "anhelo verte" since it is a strong desire. Now, it is used way less than it equivalent in English. So I would say to my girlfriend "anhelo tanto verte pronto". But I would not say to a client "anhelo que nos veamos la semana próxima", which would be perfect in English (I look forward to meet you next week). As for "tener ganas" is more like "to feel like" in English "I feel like dancing" "tengo ganas de bailar". I hope this helps.


    The closest I can think of is "Tener ilusiones de hacer algo" or "ilusionarse"

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