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what are difference between 火红 and 红please? both of them meaning "Red"

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    When it comes to colours, there are many different shades all of the same colour. let's take red for example, we have 深红,浅红,大红,粉红,桃红,枣红,血红.... they're all called "红色". but in actual fact, they are all different shades of colour, but they are all fundamentally red.

    How to tell them apart and discribe them more accurately? In our language, we normally put an adj or a noun before 红 to name and discribe these different shades of red.

    火 fire+ 红 = 火红(色) as red as fire
    樱桃 cherry + 红= 樱桃红(色)red as a cherry
    玫瑰rose + 红= 玫瑰红 red as a rose;
    血 blood + 红= 血红(色)red as blood
    橘子tangerine + 红=橘红色 red as tangerine
    It seems the list can be endless...

    火红 literally means "as red as fire". It's used to describe something red and hot. For instance, 火红的太阳. And it also figuratively used to describe something exuberant and prosperous like 火红的青春. While 红 is only a color.

    Both are adjectives. But the red(红)more widely applied.火红is often used as the written word, but rarely used in everyday language.

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