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How many different ways are there to say "I" in Japanese?

I know that there are differences between male and female, and formal and informal, but just how many ways are there?

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    Interesting question I've never came up with. One linguist says that he found thousands of them in his research. Wikipedia says uncountable. And while I'm writing this, some lousy nerds might be coining their new way of calling themselves to compete how weird they are :)) Anyways, I've just used three (boku / ore / zibun) personally. If you wonder what is the suitable for you, then I recommend you to find a counterpart of yourself in Japan.

    To be honest, no one know's the actual number since there are a lot of different dialects. In standard Japanese, watashi, watakushi, ore, boku, atashi, etc.. I would say there are just five to 10 different variations; however, wate, uchi, atai, achiki, wai, oi, ...etc could be counted as "I" in different dialects. Since even native Japanese people cannot count all the variations, I would say it is okay for Japanese language learners to start with memorizing only ones in standard Japanese and some major dialects like Osaka or Kyoto dialects. Those are something that you learn little by little while studying this language and culture.

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