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please help me ! help

4_wht does meaning this sentence?plz

5_what does meaning 出来 in this sentence?plz

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    4. try to count it in this way

    5. v. + 不出来 means you can't do...,can't not work out...,can't recognize etc. (only some verbs fit this pattern )
    算不出来= can't work it out, can't calculate it.
    想不出来= can't come up with (a solution)
    看不出来= can't recognize, didn't realize ( 看不出来他也会做饭. )
    写不出来= can't write (a composition, article or sth. else) (if you say 我的笔写不出来了, you mean that your pen has run out of ink).

    You should study Chinese harder instead of asking too much.
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