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A small Q about Ramadhan

alsalam 3laikum

as revert or convert, do you feel unbelongingness or isolation in Ramadhan celebration?

just share about your opinion

Ramadhan Karim btw


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    Anyone can feel Ramadan well in the Islamic country,,
    But you know ,, Allah rewards the Muslims who live in non-islamic countries more than us.
    So you must be happy ,,, and don't feel isolated cause Allah is with you ,, ^_^

    no at all , when you live in a country with most of it muslims you realize the real happiness and people share you every thing , being hungry and thirsty .
    also the good soul between people in this month is very beautiful

    and that beautiful moments before al ma3'rib all people running to their homes and streets are nearly empty

    and generous people giving drinks and food for free in the streets to people who couldn't catch breakfast at their homes

    السلام عليكم I reverted to Islam last spring after years-long process of reflection, reading, asking questions and thinking. I learnt how to do the Salat properly, now it's all OK, I went to the Masjid and met brothers to improve my religious knowledge. So I was expecting my first Ramadan with excitement and joy. The first two days were great, I did the Iftar at the Masjid with brothers, it was fantastic and even performed the Tarawih till late at night. Then the 2nd day was OK but the on the third day, I had slept so little over the past weeks (I'm an insomniac anyway but during the Ramadan, it was worse) that I just got very weak and sick. Here in France we have to fast for 17 hours. After 16 hours, I just couldn't stand up and had to break the fasting. I must say conditions are not ideal : 35°, my 2 children to look after at every second who don't let me have a nap, my family and neighbourhood not being Muslim and the Masjid being at an hour's drive from home (I live in the countryside). So I decided to wait until next year. I will have time to get prepared. Of course, it depressed me quite lot, I tried hard but conditions are too stiff. I wish Ar-Rahime would forgive me.

    Shì. Wǒ hěn gūdú. Wǒ de péngyǒumen wúfǎ lǐjiě. Diànnǎo yě hǎo! (^.^) Hùliánwǎng yě hǎo. Wǒ xiě xìn gěi mùsīlín zài hùliánwǎng shàng, ránhòu wǒ bù jìmò.

    Ramadan Kareem! Assakamu alaikum wa rahmatullah =)




    不 我曾未寂寞过

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