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Another question for the scientists or medical practitioners here.


Can you tell me if 遗传优生科 translates as eugenics?
I need this question to be answered by a scientist or medical practitioner.

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    "遗传优生" is indeed "eugenics" in English. However, "遗传优生科" means "Department of Eugenics" in a hospital or clinic in China. These hospital departments are intended to control genetic defects and "raise" the genetic standards in newborns.

    At least in the United States, any mention of "eugenics", especially in a hospital setting, is highly controversial and does not exist today, because the term reminds us of Nazi experiments on prisoners in the quest of the perfect master race.

    This is a long-winded response just to say that yes, the Chinese term can literally be translated as the "Department of Eugenics," but this term is highly controversial in English and no hospital in the United States that I know of has a department that uses this term.

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