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What's the differtence between 대다 and 놓다?

I don't know if these words are so different or so similar in Korean, but in english these have similar meanings.

I know that 대다 means "put, press, lay, hold, apply" , and 놓다 means "put, press" (these are just the meanings I know). So, summarizing, what is the difference between those 2 words? Could you give me some examples with each one and tell me in what situations I have to use them?

Thank you very much in advance!!: )

Additional Details:

Yes, I have searched them in my dictionary, and that is why I am asking it here. I think it is not a vague question, I only asked the difference between two words because I can't find it.

Additional Details:

I am sorry, I clicked the wrong, button, it was a reply for a person who commented the question, and not a additional detail about my question. I'm sorry

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