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How to pronounce the "r" sound in German? Is there any useful method to make it sound clear?

I tried several ways like keep saying the word "dream" or practicing when brush my teeth, i even listen the sound of an engine in order to get some idea. but unluckily the efforts seem all gone. what should i do? plz help me with that pronunciation, thx ;-)

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    Hi :)

    When you pronounce the English "r", the sides of your tongue touch the teeth, the tongue makes a winding down in the middle and the tip of the tong is ain the middle and doesn't touch anythin. The German "r" is pronounced in a different way. The tongue makes a winding up, the rear of the tongue allmost touches the palate an the tongue is slighly wider in generel. So the German "r" is pronounced in the back of the mouth, allmost in the throat and the English "r" fills out the mouth.

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