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Can I use jaunty to describe people?


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    alegre = cheerful, glad, joyful, happy, merry, jaunty
    garboso = jaunty, graceful
    desenvuelto = jaunty, rakish, perky, informal
    airoso = airy, graceful, jaunty
    satisfecho = satisfied, pleased, happy, content, contented, jaunty
    confiado = confident, reliant, trustful, confidant
    vivaracho = frisky, jaunty
    Jaunty es un adjetivo y sus diferentes significados pueden perfectamente usarse para describir a una persona :)


    You can, but it is not a common word. Well, at least for me, anyway. I had to ask my wife what it means. :)

    Jaunty = lively, self-confident


    not very common in USA, perhaps more British!

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