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In a normal conversation

When someone ask me something can I say the main verb in the past
昨日の女を覚えるの?Do you remember the girl from yesterday ?( I hope I said properly in Japanese)
覚える then I say this verb in a past tense,would that be right?

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    昨日の女を覚えるの?means Do you memorize the girl from yesterday?
    so you should ask 「昨日の女、覚えてる?」or「昨日の女性を覚えていますか?」
    and you should say 「覚えています」not「覚えました。」or「覚えていました」

    The verb 'remember' in that sense can be translated as 覚えている. This word describes the present state of your mind, not the past state, so you can use it in the present tense.
    女(onna) is technically not wrong, but can sound a bit impolite. 女性(josei) sounds better.

    覚える is the action of learning something to remember it exactly; therefore its meaning is more close to 'memorize'.

    Just for your information, the verb 'remember' meaning 'recall' can be translated as 思い出す.

    I hope this helps.

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