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Can I say "Blin" in Russia without fear?

I eat and love the Russian food; blin.
In fact, it is also bad word. Should I be afraid to ask like "I want to eat blin" ?
What is this blin thing? Is it like "Oh, sh*t!" ?

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    You don't need to be afraid to use it. Even though you are right that in certain situations it's a mild form of "$h!t", it is quite mild and you really have to mean it for it to sound like that. Think about it this way: in English, you want to say "$h!t", so you start "SH..." and then you see a little kid nearby, so you quickly go "... eeez". In Russian you would basically use "blin" instead of another very strong expletive. But on it's own it is just a "pancake". Hope it helps, but please ask more questions :) Cheers!

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