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What is the best way to memorize kanji characters?

Lately, I've been feeling lazy in doing my summer homework. Now, I only have a month left to finish them all. I still have a lot of kanji to memorize. Can anyone please tell me the fastest way to memorize them?

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    Use it when you write and don't rely on Kana.

    In my opinion, there is no shortcut. The traditional way (paper and pencil) is the best...

    Don't listen to anyone who says you have to write them a million times. Grab a copy of "Remembering the Kanji" volume 1. That book, some interesting and simple reading material, and passion, will save you possibly hundreds of hours of studying by less efficient methods.This post might be useful
    Source: never learned kanji well until that book, now know 2000 and passed the JLPT N1.
    btw Japanese people can't remember how to write even half the kanji they read and type with ease.

    I am learning Kanji starting from the words used most in daily conversation or writing.
    This video has a very wonderful idea to start your Kanji learning with:

    And, since the Kanji stroke order is EXTREMELY important, I use this website to help me out with this:

    I am not saying that my answer is the best but the idea shown in the video helped me personally a loooot and now Kanji seems to me as easy as "taking a candy from a child"!!!
    Hope that was helpful...^_^

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