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"こんにちわ" もいいですか?

My friend said that こんにちわ is also a correct way to write こんにちは. Is it right?

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    "こんにちは" is the correct way to write it.
    "は" is used instead of "わ" because originally (in ancient/old times) it was used as a part of a sentence: "こんにち は ~ / Konnichi wa~ / Today is~ ". "wa" is a particle in that context that's why it was written as "は".
    After many years, it was then adapted as a fixed greeting.
    That's why it retained the character "は".

    Hope that helps (^_^)


    The correct one is こんにちは, but some Japanese people write it as こんにちわ when chatting.

    Take it as an online-related slung that is prevalent among young generations. こんにちは is definitely correct but sometimes seems too polite so that they intentionally twist it into こんにちわ. In Japanese, there is few to express "Hello" in a casual way. So it's pretty understandable.

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