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On the way to // I was wrong


Just want to ask about a couple of phrases. How do you say:

1. On the way to school?


2. How to say "I was wrong":
Is "I was wrong" = 잘못했어 correct?
But, when I want to say "I can't speak korean well", I can say 한국말 잘 봇해요.

So 잘못해요 can mean "I was wrong" AND "I'm not good"... is it right to put it that way?

Thank you!

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    On the way to school,

    학교로 가는 길에
    학교로 가는 도중에
    학교로 가다(가)

    Compare "잘 못하다" with "잘못하다", please.

    잘 못하다.
    잘, well, skillfully, carefully, properly
    못하다. to be bad/poor at
    잘하다. to be good at, or be familiar with, or to be a good had at

    잘못하다. 잘못을 하다. to make a mistake, 잘못(noun, a mistake, fault, or error)

    1. on the way to school? 학교가는 도중에

    2. I can not understand the question...한국말 잘 못해요.를 영어로 물어보는건가??

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