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العامية المصرية

السلام عليكم يا اصدقاء =) اين اجد قواعد العامية المصرية على الانترنت؟ في الحقيقة انا وجدت بعض المعلومات ولكن احتاج اكثر لاجل اتعلم جيدا

For learning: Arabic
Base language: Arabic
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    يمكنك تعلمها من خلال مشاهدة الأفلام والمسلسلات المصرية
    فهي موجودة على اليوتوب وفي كثير من المواقع

    انا اعتقد ان افضل طريقه لتعلم العاميه المصريه هي بالتحدث مع المصريين نفسهم


    It's difficult to learn any dialect through books or websites. If you want to learn Egyptian dialect, you should talk with Egyptians a lot, and also you can hear it from songs...etc. If you want help, just contact me.


    I think as Flora said, learning a dialect via books isn't a good idea, actually it's possible; but it's not quiet helpful and interesting. Talking directly to a native speaker is more interesting and exicting because you are talking to someone who can make communication with you, correct you encourage you and laugh with him or her, and the most wonderful when you share your culture and explain yourself about your experiences in his accent, it's too wonderful :)
    So, I advice not as an arabic tutor, but as a friend you wanna advice from him. Learning an accent with a native speaker

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