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How do animals speak (sound like) in your country? [Called Onomatopoeia]


All animal depicted below are American born (or at least naturalized citizens)

Pacific tree frogs (American Frogs) say "ribbit."

Big dogs say "Bow wow."
Small dogs say "bark, bark."
Medium sized dogs say "ruff, ruff."
However these dogs have been known to speak the dialect of the other.

Cows say "Moo, moo."

Cats say "meow, meow." Some cats from China (Siamese cats) say "Mew, mew," but I think they may have an accent, but cannot be sure since I do not speak cat. Perhaps it is only kitten talk.

Bees say "buzzzz."

Babies in American are said to say "goo goo, ga ga," though I have not personally heard a baby say that (they are still animals, but the sound they make does not apply to animals as we general consider the description of an animal).

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    A mother mouse was walking along the street one day with her children. A huge cat suddenly appeared and threatened to eat them all! The mother mouse began to bark loudly at the cat, and the cat ran away. Then the mother mouse turned to her children, and said, “Children, do you understand now why it’s very important to learn a second language?”

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