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시고 verb/sentence endings

지금까지 배운것들 여러분들 1년동안 잘 기억해 두시고. This example sentence ends in this way and even though I understand the meaning of the sentence as a whole, I cant find an explanation for what this 시고 verb/sentence ending is.

Other examples include:
당신들이 신경쓸게 아니니까 신경들 끄시고.
껌 뱉으시고!
이렇게라도 무마된게 다행이라고 생각하시고.

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    Yes, you are right. The sentences ending with "시고" sound as if they are not complete and there seems to be something more to say. "시고" is an ending particle which makes an imperative sentence. However, if a sentence ends with "시고", its tone or nuance becomes much more mild and gentle than a normal imperative sentence.

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