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Is the following passage (which I don't understand at all) written in a regional dialect?

"Человеко сeкогиш си е человек - живинка. С вера и без вера, с господ и без господ. Но е триж по-нефелен от другите живинки, оти сам си е турил дуваре на душата. Те такива - чест, господ, род, зeмя... Верва си, дека вардат зло да се не сурне навътре, а они запират доброто да не рипне навънка. И е пусто и вънка, и вътре."

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    Yes, this is a regional dialect. Wild, wild dialect. Here is the translation:

    "The human is always human - a creature. With faith or without faith, with god or without god. But he is three times worse than the other creatures, because he built walls around his soul. That knid of walls - honour, god, kin, land... And he believes, they protect him from the evil to get inside, but they stop the good to go out. And it is empty and outside, and inside."

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