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Наверно \ Наверное


According to my dictionary both words mean the same, but I have been told there are cases in which they cannot be used in distinctively. Could you provide an explanation (preferably in English) as to when either one can be use and examples, please?

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    1. (parenthesis) probably, most likely
    2. (adverb) for sure, certainly, for a certainty

    1. = наверно 1)

    So, it's ok to say 'Я это знаю наверно' which means 'I know it for certain'. But 'Я это знаю наверное' is grammatically incorrect.

    My dictionalry tells:

    1. ; ( по всей вероятности) probably, most likely
    2. ; ( несомненно) for sure, certainly, exactly, definitely; without fail ( =наверняка)

    наверное = наверно 1.

    But really the word "наверно" is seldom used in 2nd meaning. Only in book language, maybe, In the spoken language they usual use "наверняка".

    I think

    Наверно - common language, short answer

    - Ты пойдешь вечером в кино?
    - Наверно...

    Наверное - literary language or long sentense

    - Ты пойдешь вечером в кино?
    - Наверное пойду...

    Наверное, сегодня в кино покажут что-нибудь интересное.

    Наверное, он сошел с ума.

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