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Spanish from different countries are they all the same?

For those spanish speaking countries. Do you use the same words, grammar, accent, and expression?

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    It is all the same language, but we have different accents and we also developed certain colloquial words that would not be understood from one country to the other. But when we speak with persons who speak Spanish from a different country we use standard Spanish and there is no problem to understand each other.


    Although standard Spanish( el español normativo ) is understood in all Spanish-speaking nations, there can be very slight and minute differences in phonology, syntax, and grammar structure, but especially in colloquial expressions.

    no its not the same but just in some thing the pronunciation of some letters...for example in spain s,c,z are different pronounced from in L.A but the way of speaking in some countries they speak fastly or almost with tones..i hope i have helped you :)

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