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运动怎么样吧!does this make sense?

Would you be so kind as to tell me if 运动怎么样吧! make sense??? I wasn't sure about 怎么样 and 吧 together but I was trying to suggest discuss/talk about sports.

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How to say: How about we talk about sports! In Chinese

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    We don't use 怎么样 and 吧 together. if you want to ask someone or talk someone about sport. you can say 你觉得运动如何?
    How about we talk about sports —— 让我们聊聊运动吧
    when we want to talk about sport, we will talk one or two concrete subject —— swimming basketball or some other else

    Sorry, this sentence doen't make any sense.
    怎么样if used in a question sentence, is usually followed by 啊,or了?means HOW or HOW ABOUT

    If you are trying suggest talk about sports, you can start with

    我们可以 讲/谈 一下有关运动的问题

    Anyway on sencond thought, the only contxet in which your sentence would make sense I can think of at the moment would make me think of a defiant teenager or a child who's throwing a tantrum...

    怎么样吧!sometimes used to chanllenge someone to a duel or want to pick a fight with someone.

    If you parents don't want you to excercise at 24:00, and you don't listen, and then you might say that to them. but it's rude and provocative.

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