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Hello, I am very curious what does "seas" mean.

I have seen it appears on different sentences and songs, but i just can't find the answer from my dictionary. Could anyone help me out? I know it is something relates to "ser". Thanks

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    Another way to explain it... (In future)

    Imagine you have a friend who is studying to be a doctor.
    As a good friend, you expect that >to become Espero que llegues a ser un buen doctor. (or)
    > Espero que seas un buen doctor.

    Now, imagine that your friend and became a doctor and come to assist you.
    As a friend, and patient, you expect him to be a good doctor.

    In Spanish, you can say:

    > Espero que él sea un buen doctor.

    It is the present subjunctive of the verb to be, the second-person singular form.

    its like i hope `you to be` a doctor. : it is be in future :)

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