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Are there any rules to recognize masculine, feminine and neuteral nouns from each other?


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    There are no rules at all, you have to remember the gender and the plural form of every word in German. Nobody can say why Wald is der, Feld is das, Jagd is die, See can be der or die.



    For many nouns, you'll simply have to learn the article, but here are some important notes:

    1. All months are male: der Januar, der Februar, der März...
    2. All seasons are male: der Frühling, der Sommer, der Herbst, der Winter
    3. All nouns ending in -ung; -heit; -keit are female:
    die Wohnung /die Heizung; die Schönheit / die Krankheit; die Einsamkeit / die Freundlichkeit....

    I hope that I could help you...

    What Manusaul said is correct. In addition:

    1. Nouns ending in -chen are neuter: das Mädchen, das Liebchen
    2. *Many* nouns ending in -e are feminine, but not all: die Sonne, die Fahne, die Ecke (BUT: der Junge)
    3. All nouns ending in -heit are also feminine: die Gesundheit, die Freiheit, die Schönheit
    4. Almost all country names are neuter: das Deutschland, Das Brasilien, Das Ungarien. (Some of the very few exception are Der Irak, Der Iran, Der Jemen, and Die Schweiz)
    5. Almost all metals and elements are neuter: das Aluminium, das Kupfer, das Zink, das Zirkonium
    6. Words ending in -ner are always masculine: der Kellner, der Rentner, der Schaffner

    Good luck; feel free ato ask if you have any more questions.

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