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Are there any rules to recognize masculine, feminine and neuteral nouns from each other?


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    For many nouns, you'll simply have to learn the article, but here are some important notes:

    1. All months are male: der Januar, der Februar, der März...
    2. All seasons are male: der Frühling, der Sommer, der Herbst, der Winter
    3. All nouns ending in -ung; -heit; -keit are female:
    die Wohnung /die Heizung; die Schönheit / die Krankheit; die Einsamkeit / die Freundlichkeit....

    I hope that I could help you...

    What Manusaul said is correct. In addition:

    1. Nouns ending in -chen are neuter: das Mädchen, das Liebchen
    2. *Many* nouns ending in -e are feminine, but not all: die Sonne, die Fahne, die Ecke (BUT: der Junge)
    3. All nouns ending in -heit are also feminine: die Gesundheit, die Freiheit, die Schönheit
    4. Almost all country names are neuter: das Deutschland, Das Brasilien, Das Ungarien. (Some of the very few exception are Der Irak, Der Iran, Der Jemen, and Die Schweiz)
    5. Almost all metals and elements are neuter: das Aluminium, das Kupfer, das Zink, das Zirkonium
    6. Words ending in -ner are always masculine: der Kellner, der Rentner, der Schaffner

    Good luck; feel free ato ask if you have any more questions.

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