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About 着 and 正

I know if we want to show a work in present tense we use 正在and 着. the select is depend on the verb but in this sentence for 忙 verb com both of them, could you tell me why?please
verb+ 着

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    eg:我正忙着=我正在忙(I'm busy now)
    我正干着=我正在干(I'm doing )
    我正看着=我正在看(I'm watching)
    我正玩着球/游戏。(I'm palying the ball/game )

    1. 正(在) + Verb + 着+ doing sth. ≈ Verb + 着 + doing sth. (正 is an emphasized word)
    2. 正(在) + Verb
    3. Verb + 着

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