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Question about 하소서체

I know that this style is now used only in historical films, but I'm curious.
The declarative statement is 하나이다, but what about interrogative, imperative and propositive sentences?
Is the the same for all types like in 해요체 or different like in 합쇼체?
I couldn't find it in any grammar book.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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    하소서체 is not used in modern Korean society, you know. Nonetheless, if you want to see it, you should refer to the Bible, written in Korean language. In Bible, there are many sentences, written in 하소서체.

    공손 선어말어미(honorific prefinal ending): -(으)옵-, -사옵-,

    평서형 종결어미 : -나이다, -(으)옵나이다, -사옵나이다
    의문형 종결어미 : -나이까(질문), -(으)옵나이까, -사옵나이까
    명령형 종결어미 : None, 기원형으로 대체.
    청유형 종결어미 : None
    감탄형 종결어미 : None
    ※기원형 종결어미 : -(으)소서, -(으)옵소서

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