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' I'm Irish.' ??

On a talkshow, I saw a Asian comedian begin his talk by saying ' I'm Irish.'

What's the 'laughing point ' of it, why ' I'm Irish' sounds funny?

Only because he has an East asian face? Then, can he say 'I'm Germany' , 'I'm British' etc?

Thank you!

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    The article CJHepp linked to has a little insight.

    There's a habit of Americans with a little Irish heritage to immediately identify themselves as "fully Irish". When you think about it, the concept is a little ridiculous: the person has almost no idea about Irish culture, Irish history, Irish language or even where their ancestors came from, but will still claim they are fully Irish because of a distant great-great grandfather/grandmother.

    I think the comedian's comment hits home with American audiences because they already realise the absurdity of such a claim. His Asian features make the claim even more absurd.

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