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    I asked the same question once and the answer that helped me was this:

    将来 = Near future
    これを将来使えるように取っておこう (I'll keep this for future use)

    未来 = Future (usually distant)
    彼の未来はばら色だ。 (Has a bright future)

    These descriptions are based on what I found in dictionaries. What I think is that "Mirai" represents "future" in a much more broader and abstract sense while "shourai" is a point of time in the near future that can be easily realized.

    *****Some example sentences by another answerer:

    I want to get merry with someone who is like my father in the SYOURAI!(将来)
    I am so excited to meet my MIRAI husband!(未来)
    I want to be a astronaut in the SYOURAI.(将来)
    Time machine can travel to the MIRAI. (未来)

    There were other answers so if you want to see them, please go here:

    Hope my answer was helpful...^_^

    未来 literally means "not yet come" and 将来 literally means "be going to come".

    That is to say, 未来 suggests all the future events that have not yet happened, while 将来 implies events you think will happen in the (near) future.

    将来 is often used as an adverb (in the same way as "in the future"). but 未来 is not. For example, you can say "将来教師になりたい (I want to be a teacher in the future)", but you cannot say "未来教師になりたい".

    未来というのは、1分先でも、1000年先でも未来です。英語のfutureと同じく、the time after the present です。将来というのは、ある人の人生の未来の出来事に関してのことです。だから、150年先のことを「将来」とは言いません。なぜなら、150年先に、その人は生きていないからです。また、1分先のことを「将来」とは言いません。なぜなら、1分先にその人の人生が大きく変わるとは常識的に思えないからです。つまり、将来というのは、人生に関わることなのです。人生の変化について使うことばです。だから、普通は、「近い将来」というと、数か月先か数年先というイメージだし、単に「将来」というと、数年から10年とか20年先くらいの、その人の人生に関わることを聞いたり、言ったりする場合に使います。

    Generally 将来 is SUBJECTIVE related to your time, on the other hand 未来 is OBJECTIVE :))

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