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Не за что

Что значит "не за что"?
значит "It's my pleasure" или "You are welcome"?

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    Not easy question..
    From one side this phrase have meaning "Please". Thank you - Please.
    Просто Welcome по идее Добро пожаловать... А вот значение Please здесь как то ближе...

    From other side true meaning of this words close to - "Here nothing to thank me" So its can be said
    1. If the action was very easy 90%
    2. Was no wish to help you (Cruelly surely, but its possible too) 10%

    Must be other strange situation where it can be used - Like A: You must be grateful to me!-B: Не за что! /Here nothing a must be grateful to you!/

    That's the response to "Thank you" :
    -Не за что!

    If you say "Спасибо" for an expensive gift or taste dinner you can receive back "Пожалуйста"

    But if you say "Спасибо" for something not significant you can receive back "Не за что!"

    However, you can receive "Не за что!" also from very amiable person, when you say "Спасибо" receiving an expensive gift


    "You are welcome" больше подходит

    It is an automatic polite answer to "Thank you!".

    It can be translated as "not at all" or "don't mention it".

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