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whats difference between catholic, christian and roman catholic?

well i'm atheist but i respect all people and religions even i don't belongs to any of them , but i really want to know about it for my own knowledge

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    I am not sure about what I am going to say. However as far as I know. When you said Christian it is a term very big and it has many denominations who belong to Christianism. Roman catholic belongs to Christianism and It is the biggest and widely spread throughout the world. Its headquarters is in Rome (specifically in Vatican city which is a very small country) I don´t know if there are a denomination who is called Catholic. Supposedly a person who is Christian follow Jesus Christ's teachings and what in the bible is. There are many denominations around the world which belongs to the Christianism but many are different from one another. I think that the 2 biggest are Roman Catholics and Protestant Christians. The Roman Catholics that I know don´t read the bible, and they only follow what they have seen from their parents and ancestors. The have many statues and they burn candles to them. They believe in saints, in Mary, etc. The Protestant Christian usually read the bible every day and follow what It is inside the bible. They don´t have any statues and they don´t burn candles to them, they don´t believe in saints and In Mary. They only believe in God (the father, the Son, the holy spirit which are only one and this is a mystery difficult to understand for an atheist).

    Actually you can find this all in wikipedia, but:
    The main branches of christianity are Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy and Protenstantism. Catholic Church can be divided into Roman Catholic, Old Catholic and Independed Cathlic. If you need more details you can find it on Wikipedia.

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