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In this sentence why does the writer use 卦?


In this sentence why does the writer use 卦? I'm guessing 临时又变了卦 means he changed his mind, but I looked in all my dictionaries and they all list 卦 as being a divinatory trigram, with no mention of it being used any other way, so I am very confused as to why it is used here.

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    Both are right.
    卦 as originally being a divination .
    变卦 means ----- the divination is changed.(but now ,this meaning is little used.Usually,it means change the mind. Nearly all you see in the article is changing the mind.But why?I do not know. I looked chinese dictionary and there are no reason .Maybe people forget the changing of meanings.Maybe people use it just becuse changing the mind is just like the divination is changing which take place suddenly and without no reason .So you just remenber it .Do not confuse. )

    变卦is a colloquial way to say"change oneself's mind",I can't find any rationale to explain that.So I am afraid you need to remember it by rote that it means what it add a bit,it stresses that someone's upredictability to always change their ideas so they are impossible to predict.

    "变卦" is an expression to say to change his mind.

    卦in this sentence means plan

    I have to say your question reffered some areas that about China culture, idioms. And the more you learn the words and idoms, the more culture you have to touch. The 变卦,yes it is original from divinatory trigram as you mentioned. And acturall culture is from the book "周易“,and many other idoms or words from this book also which you will know in future,like "九五之尊,不三不四”.

    卦 is the outcome in the ancient activity by chinese people who want to know something is good or bad in the future。when people do this ,we always call it:“问卦“, They usually use some animal’s bones or some other things ,so,you can imagine the 卦 is always being different,that is the “变卦” come from。“变卦了”means someone changed the idea 。


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