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How do we differentiate between ' 반말' and '존댓말' ??

I know 반말 is informal and 존댓말 is informal and so Respectable language My question is How can discrimination BTW 반말 & 존댓말 ???

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Sorry I mean 반말 is informal language and 준댓말 is formal language !!

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    99% of the time if the sentence ends with 요/죠/니다/니까 it's a form 준댓말
    If it ends in 아,니,자, it's probably 반말

    There are also certain words only used in either

    For example:
    I, you, me, my (반말) - 나, 너, 내가, 내
    I, you, me, my (준댓말) - 저, 당신, 저(를), 제

    A polite way to say I am hungry: 배고파요
    A casual way: 배고파

    Very easy one!!
    Hello: 안녕하세요 - polite 존댓말
    Hello: 안녕 - casual - 반말

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