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Up to today,the British Empire is(was) still the larges empire throughout history.

Should I use is or was in this sentence?I know remains is fit in this sentence.But if I insist on a be verb,which one would work out a bit better?This type about sth that existed in the past but has an influence on the present always confuses me.
Another example would be"Today Napolean is/was still the greatest military commander in history."

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    'IS' is the correct choice here.
    If you used 'WAS', it would suggest that the "British Empire" is no longer the "largest empire in history", the opposite of what you want to say, and the sentence wouldn't make much sense!

    A higher level way of saying this would be to use 'CONSIDER' in the passive form: be considered.
    Using your sentence: Today, the British Empire IS still CONSIDERED the largest empire in history.

    Since you are talking about the present-Today you use is.... Today, the British Empire is the largest empire in the history.

    Napolen WAS the greatest military commander in history....

    It's clear that you have to use the past form, so it would be "was".
    However, i don't know what kind of book are you studying but you have to be sure that the largest empire in history was the Spanish Empire.

    In this question of "is" versus "was", I think context is important. If writing about the past, try to maintain the same tense unless there is a good reason to change.

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