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what are the difference between them?

What are the difference between 예요/이에요 and 아요/아요. I know they are used when speaking in a plain way. But in what situation would use 예요/이에요 not 아요/아요. I get confused for this, because sometimes I see someone uses 예요 not 아요. Could anyone tell me what time I should use 예요/이에요 and 아요/아요?

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    예요 is the simple spell of 이에요,it follow the noun.Because when noun. add 이 that could replace the verb.As we all have known,the predicate are put on the last of every sentence in Korean,so 예요/이에요 and 아요/어요 must be put on the last.아요/어요 focus on the verbs and adjectives. If there is noun in the last of sentence,we have to add 예요/이에요.The verbs and adjectives in the last,아요/어요 are used.
    For example: The world is beautiful.
    예쁜 세상이에요/예요.
    이 세상은 예뻐요.(예뻐요=예쁘다+어요)

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