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Could you please explain 'genitive case' in German with a few examples? (I need their English too if possible.)

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    The genitive case expresses possesion: Das ist mein Haus. - Wessen Haus ist das? - mein Haus English: That's my house.

    Das ist das Auto meines Vaters. Wessen Auto ist das? das, MEINES VATERS - I've highlighted the genitive part. English: That's my father's car.

    Furthermore, we use this case after some expressions.

    Gedenke DER TOTEN - Remember the dead - der Toten = genitive plr.> masc.

    Wir gingen TROTZ DES SCHLECHEN WETTERS spazieren. - We went out for a walk, despite the bad weather...

    Ich möchte dich WEGEN DES TREFFENS noch einmal sprechen. I want to talk to you, regarding the meeting.

    NOTE: in everyday German, most people tend to use the dative case : Ihc möchte dich WEGEN DEM TREFFEN sprechen - but the genitive case is the correct form.

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