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Reading lyrics in Danish I often notice that some truncate words appear. For exaple:

> Og jeg er ligeglad med hvad regeringer synes vi ska' ku'

The fist one is skal but what's the seccond I didn't get for the present. A few more examples:

> hvis bare det' os to.
> La' os ta' væk jeg ved

Why these Abridgements occur? Can you give me more examples? How to decode them?

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    Ku' is a shortening of "Kunne" or "Could" in English. It's often shortened in conversation and certain songs so that it can flow better. Lots of languages do this too so it's not really uncommon for clipping of or shortening or words to occur.

    The word "er" (is/are/am) is omitted in "hvis bare det os to" where "er" is implied.

    La' = Lad
    Ta' = Tage

    So it should be written as "Lad os tage væk jeg ved"

    When speaking informally it's easier to clip words that would slow the conversation down.

    Some English examples of this are:
    Cannot = Can't
    I would= I'd
    It is= It's

    Ikke= ik' or ikk
    Kan= ka'
    Hvad= hva'
    Selvfølgelig= se'fø'li
    God morgen= G'morn
    Ligesom= Li'som
    Ikke også= Ik'og
    Os' /osse= også

    I would suggest trying to figure out what the context of the whole sentence is and go from there.

    Hopefully this helps! Lykke til med at lære dansk!

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