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How do you know when to use abiamo or siamo?

Do they go with certain words and you just have I memorize which one your supposed to use?

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    The main difference is between transitive and intransitive verbs.
    All the transitive verbs use avere
    (transitive verbs can have direct object, so they must answer to the question who, what: to know is transitive, I know someone/something; to go is intransitive, I go TO Paris, or I stay AT home, but not all the english transitive verbs are transitive in italian too - cantare for example).
    Most of the intransitive use essere (essere, stare, rimanere, andare, venire, partire, nascere, morire, diventare, piacere, sembrare...)
    All the reflexive verbs use essere (mi sono vestito, mi sono sposato, mi sono divertito)
    of course, there are always exceptions in the Italian language :) camminare, lavorare and cantare, for example

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