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Is anybody on here even willing to help me with my Finnish?

Losing my patience with this site.

For learning: Finnish
Base language: English
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    Hmm, there may not be a lot of people here tha speak it? I use the german version of this site and it's pretty good :
    hope it helps you! Good luck!

    There are more than enough people for language exchange if your native language happen to be English. Native English speakers are the most wanted target by a very large margin.

    Another thing is that you should search writing in Finnish. I have had dozens of people contacting me telling they want to speak Finnish with me. Then I write something in Finnish and they tell that they " barely know anything about it" and so on.

    Issue concerning this site is that apparently many people no longer appear in searches, because they have no picture attached.

    I've had my language updates on Japanese and I haven't followed any of the conversations on the Finnish forum so I just noticed this. I've helped a couple of people on this site with Finnish and it's been pretty quiet recently so at the moment I have plenty of time to help you, if you want.

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