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what is this phrase mean? たくさん の しゅみ 持っています

たくさん の しゅみ 持っています.

たくさん = a lot

しゅみ = hobby

持っています = ???

1. what does it mean?
2. how to use it?

Additional Details:

i mean : たくさん の しゅみ を 持っています

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    1. It means:
    "I have many hobbies".
    If you break the word and just think of the first Kanji "持", it means, to 'hold'....etc. So, "持っています" means that you have something that BELONGS to you.

    2. It can be used just like English sentences...For example, when someone asks, "How many hobbies do you have?" //OR// "Do you have any hobbies?", you can reply saying->はい、たくさんのしゅみを持っています! (I think this reply fits well with the second question!)

    Hope my answer was helpful ^_^

    From my opinion: it means someone has some hobbes.

    yes,it means somebody has a lots habbies.
    たくさん = a lot

    しゅみ = hobby

    持っています = have,has

    when someone asks [ご趣味は]='what's your hobby',you can say[たくさんのしゅみ持っています]

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