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西班牙语大舌音我发不好啊····I can't pronounce Spanish tongue···(

我不会啊 怎么都发不好那个大舌颤音···好悲伤啊啊啊 你能帮我吗?

For learning: Spanish
Base language: Chinese (Mandarin)
Category: Language


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    Well, Ling, if you study and continue trying, you'll see how soon you can. Courage and good luck with your Spanish.

    Hola Ling !
    Te recomiendo que escuches canciones en Espanol, leas la letra y las cantes. Esto te ayudara.
    I recommend you to listen spanish songs and sing them with the lyric, like karaoke.
    Right now im listening Zoe, you should listen them

    Good Luck

    Alan was right..
    Try to found some songs in spanish and then.. sing and have fun..

    Maybe you can try with stories for children, it is easier

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