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Please give me some advice on learning Japanese,谢谢 ,ありがとう。

请问怎么区分日语五十个音图表,有什么方法去记住?hello,can any one give me some advice on how to remember Japanese alphabet?Thanks!ありがとう!

For learning: Japanese
Base language: Chinese (Mandarin)
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    The videos at this Youtube playlist shows some really really interesting ideas to learn and remember Japanese kanas/alphabets. However, the last few videos are not for free so to learn those you might want to try to find your own ideas!

    My advice: don't learn all at once. In each video from the link above, you will learn 5 kanas/alphabets. Practice just those 5 kanas a day. Practice by writing them both in original orders and in jumbled orders just those 5 kanas a day. The next day, learn 5 more kanas and practice them along with the 5 kanas the previous day. Also, try to read any Japanese books. Try to find the kanas you already know and read them out loud. Children's Japanese books are good to choose from.
    To make things more clear, think of English alphabets for example:
    Today, you learnt A->B->C->D->E.
    Practice writing them a loooot! Try writing them in mixed orders (eg. C->A->E->D->B).
    Tomorrow: you will learn F->G->H->I->J. Practice writing them in the same way you did for the ones you learnt today. Practice both the set of "F->G->H->I->J" and "A->B->C->D->E" together.
    The next day, continue the same pattern!!!

    Was my answer too complicated or confusing? I hope not! Ask again if you have any questions.

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