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How to learn Spanish ??

Hey guys .
I tried to learn spanish by myself for a long time .
But i never improve it ,i only know how to say" Hola,Como estas,Bien,Gracias"
I even dont know how to say I ,Me ,My ,Mine.
So ,how should i learn spanish ,where i should start??
Gracias :)

For learning: Spanish
Base language: English
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    Well U should know if u want to pay or not for learn.
    But the most of us dont like to do it.
    So u must be too disciplened and get ready a personal schedule for u
    U can add at first things like vocabulary, how to make sentences, how to express feelings or describe people.

    But the most important will be ur interest/passion for learn it, so go ahead.

    Good luck!

    Hello I agree with Adan and he is right the most important is that you feel a passion for learning spanish. I think that a good method is good because it makes your path easy and less painful. However you need to go out your comfort zone because it is like a child who is learning his mother tongue, in the beginning you have to make a lot of mistakes, you need to ask many times the same questions and you need to repeat a lot the same phrases in order to learn them very deeply. Try to emulate the way you learn Chinese. First you need to listen a lot of spanish. Then try to repeat what you heard. Repeat many times (this is very important for remembering the phrases in your long term memory). Identify the whole phonemes in spanish (when you were a child you didn´t need to do that because your ears were better than now and you didn´t have any sounds patterns in your mind) this page is good for learning the spanish phonemes . I know this is important because we already have strong sounds patterns of our mother tongue and It is difficult for our brain identify or acquire new sounds. At the same time an important issue is to learn basic phrases and how they sound. repeat them many times until you can use them easily.


    There are some really great free online resources for learning Spanish! Here are a few that I`m using:
    I love this one! It's a Spanish course in telenovela form from the early 90s. It's really ridiculous and cheesy, but it's definitely helping me learn.
    Coffee Break Spanish is a 15-minute podcast (there are 80 episodes) that teaches Spanish to complete beginners.
    Mi Vida Loca: an interactive video to teach complete beginners Spanish. It's fun, but I find that it moves a bit slowly. Still, well worth doing!
    Duolingo is a great game that teaches basic Spanish. It's a lot of fun, and it moves at a reasonable pace.

    Also, language exchange partners are by far the most important thing for me. I spend three hours per week doing 50/50 exchanges in Spanish and English/French, and I'm amazed at how much I'm learning! I'm also doing two hours of tutoring per week through italki, but I definitely think it's more than possible to learn without paying for lessons. I'm paying for lessons because my time is limited and it lets me get twice the spanish in the same amount of time.

    A good way to learn Spanish is through your interests. Then use those interests to learn in Spanish.

    I can learn you spanish if you want add me to skype and we could practice. eva.lis24

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