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What type of word is たくさん ?

Someone else asked the meaning of "たくさんのしゅみを持っています"

I looked up the word "たくさん” in a dictionary and it says its a na-adjective. I thought na-adjectives were used like this: "たくさんなしゅみを持っています”

The dictionary also lists it as an adverb and a noun. Would this be correct? "しゅみをたくさん持っています。”

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    According to my Japanese-Japanese dictionary (published by Obunsha), "たくさん" is not categorised only in なadjective, but also in noun and adverb. So, "たくさん" in "たくさんのしゅみ" is noun, and "たくさん" in "しゅみをたくさん持っています" is adverb. If we say "もうたくさんだ", then it change into "なadjective". Very confusing...

    When people say たくさん of something, they are saying that there are a great amount of something. So it's usually something we can count or measure.

    I can't explain why you wouldn't say "たくさんな", but I can say that it's always "たくさんの" when modifying a noun and "たくさん" when modifying a verb.

    Yes, しゅみをたくさん持っています is absolutely correct.

    たくさん is not used as a na-adjective when you want to mean "a lot of" things. It can be used as a na-adjective when you want to say something is "filled with something".
    For example:
    具がたくさんなスープ (soup filled with ingredients)
    自然がたくさんな街 (a town filled with greenery)
    However, this usage is not very common and you can still use たくさんの there instead.

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